Alexandru Arcus

Alexandru Arcus



Saxophonist, composer, arranger, group leader, producer, head of the record label, is constantly interested in expanding his stylistic palette, paying attention to the latest styles and techniques approached by creative musicians worldwide, uncaught in the trap of the servile reproduction of the classics of academic jazz. He is a good rhythmician and a very sophisticated musician when it comes to the audio innovation component of expressing audio effects.

Alexandru Arcus
Explores classical saxophone at the age of 8, followes Jazz faculty at the Conservatory of Chisinau. Since 2008 till 2014 he is a member of ethnojazz project Trigon and Alex Calancea Band, take part in international projects like:
Port of Cultures – Trigon (Moldova), The Shin group (Georgia), Valts Puce group (Latvia); Moldova Moldova Calls Calls quartet and octet – Trigon (Moldova), Mark Alban Lotz (Germany / Holland), Paul Pallessen (Holland), Jodi Gilbert (USA); ‘Roots Revival Maramureș’; ‘EU Jazz Residency’ Sibiu Jazz Festival 2015.
In 2011 he is recording with ‘Trigon’ the album “Opt-i-Mystic” and with ‘Alex Calancea Band’ the album „The road to home”.
In 2014 he moves to Bucharest, Romania and plays in projects like:
FaceToFace, BJO(Bucharest Jazz Orchestra), HBO, Three for Helen, Tzuc&Petzi, JAVRA, A-C Leonte, ARCUS TRIO, KRiSPER, Teodora Enache(The Prophet), The Jam Community.
In 2016, along with Adi Stoenescu on Hammond and Marcel Moldovan on drums, they released their 1st album ‘ARCUS TRIO – Allotropy’. Later on they expand the formula to a quintet in a project called ‘KRiSPER’ and an album was released in december 2017 called ‘Landing on the Comet’.
In his young career he is performing in over 20 countries at over 30 festivals and stages all over the world.

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