Slide JazzBook Back in 2012, Jazzbook started its amazing journey in Bucharest, soon to become one of the most important Jazz scenes in Romania.

It acts like host for local and international artists, that visit its premises on a constant basis, ranging from students to some of the most appreciated jazz musicians.
the Jam Community A group of friends that found a common direction 5 years ago, started a series of jam sessions in Bucharest, that brings together MCs, Djs, musicians, sound engineers, graphic artists, all to glorify improvised music. Discover Cealaltă Muzică A cultural project transformed into a movement for promoting and supporting creative music, based on innovation, spontaneity, improvisation, authenticity, named generic Cealalta muzica.

Cealalta muzica wishes to document new musical creations, and new forms and expression.

JazzBook Story

Through our local Bucharest stage, we promote and support the music and the artists behind it, by organizing concerts, workshops, studio recordings or by getting financial support in different projects. Some of the co-financed projects we worked on: “ Cealalta muzica” Tour co-financed by AFCN, or the 3 months session we had back in 2015 in Vama Veche, all done with the clear intent of promoting musical creativity.

We gave our support to the “Artists in Residence”most series, hosted and organized by ARCUB, offering the logistics and recordings for the majority of their season, up until the programs, end, last fall.

For the last 3 years, music and have had the opportunity to use our recordings and rehearsals fully equipped studio, where they could use the creative space for albums recordings, improvisation sessions, production and post-prod.

We ended up creating The Jam Community, a gathering that brings together some of the artists we worked with along time, doing a series of concerts and workshops in Bucharest and other romanian cities, all based on improvised music. For the last couple of years, we turned this into a series of monthly concerts, that took place on one of the most important live stages in Romania, the one in Expirat Club.

The Jam Community Story

All musicians part of The Jam Community, thourougly selected to be part of this exclusive, genuinely improvised musical story, play, improvise and explore new territories of the sound, generating this danceable, dreamable music, in heart, soul and body, thus incorporating principles, concepts and techniques meant to guide the creation of a coherent, natural, improvised musical speech, allowing spontaneous, authentic ways of expression, going beyond style barriers and sterile canons.

Cealalta Muzica Story